Cattywampus Snow Days and My Favorites

So it’s not really snowing.  But we live in Atlanta, so there.  We get to shut off our alarms, stay in our jammies and watch it rain.  And really, pray there is no ice. Because that’s never a good thing.  

I’ll take you back to December 15, 2010 when the ice hit as we drove home from a nice mall visit to see Santa. Kids all dressed up in cute matching outfits.  And it was like the apocalypse.  Once I made it to my street, my husband had just seen a car go down so he thought it was ok for me to try.  And then we started sliding.  Down the hill.  By the grace of God, and only by the grace of God, my van stopped horizontally in the middle of the street on the middle of a hill.  It was the closest thing to a near death experience I’ve ever had.  And even scarier was getting my three kids out of the car, the youngest being 1 year old and having to get us down to the house on a sheet of ice.  

And then again in 2014 when an early dismissal for ice resulted in buses sliding down Towne Lake Parkway and moms having to walk to school to retrieve their children.  I didn’t live here at that time, but I lived it through my friends.  The header picture above is what the entrance to our neighborhood looked like during that event.

No, we don’t take potential ice storms lightly here in Georgia.  I don’t, anyway.

This video sure made me laugh though.  

SNL Weekend Update: Atlanta Snow Storm

My favorite part, “The fair Georgia lady shone her gold radiance down upon the Yankee slush.” 

And that day in December 2010, we definitely were all cattywampus.  So I’ll stay inside today and take this moment to tell you about some of my recent favorite things.

What I’m watching:

Downton Abbey

I’m serious, why have I waited so long?  I’m entirely engrossed in the saga of the Granthams and the Crawleys.  I suspect that Abbie and I will be watching just a few episodes over the next few days (or seasons).


Fixer Upper

If you’ve never seen the show and you could go back to one episode, let that be Season 3, Eposide 5: Chip and Jo’s Favorite Houses and Never-Before-Seen Outtakes.  And then after you wipe your eyes from laughing so hard at Chip Gaines, you’ll be addicted too (that is, if you aren’t already).

fixer upper

What I’m reading:

Daily Walk Bible

I’m also engrossed in God’s word.  It’s so exciting!  This has been such an amazing addition to my daily routine.  I love the way this bible is broken up for daily reading.  I always assumed the Old Testament was just boring, but on the contrary! 


A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet (Sophie Hudson)

BooMama ( can tell the best stories.  She makes me feel at home.  (I also highly recommend “Home Is Where My People Are”, on my list of favorites from 2015).


What I’m loving in yoga:

Chaturangas (or yoga push-ups/low plank)

I need to build upper body strength.  That’s all.



I posted a picture on Instagram/Facebook last weekend of Abbie and I in a split.  I’ve been challenged to get my splits after Abbie informed me that “Mom, you could be one of those cool old ladies that do yoga and have all of your splits.”  Yes, I can.  


King Pigeon

This is a powerful hip opener. I recently learned that yogic tradition says that we hold all of our negative emotions in our hips and when we open them we can make positive changes in our emotional state.  I’m all for more positivity.  Plus I have flexible hips, so that’s an added bonus!  This is such a rocking pose for me right now.


What I’m waiting anxiously for:

Our new Golden Retriever!!

You heard me right.  The deposit is paid and we are praying that one of these special little guys will be ours in March.  


Should he be Max or Walker?

Wishing you all a very safe and fun ‘Southern Snow Day”!

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