When Your World Turns Upside Down

The rain turned over to snow this past weekend and families all over the South enjoyed playing outside. It may have just been a dusting or so, but enough! The Northern part of me has just decided that enough is enough.  Winter is the main reason we left the cold tundra of the ‘Burgh’ all of those years ago and I could totally do without it. Forever. It’s pretty to watch and that’s just about it for me.

But I digress…. The kids enjoyed themselves tremendously! My daughter even made ‘snow cream’ with her friend. And ate a leaf… Making memories, y’all!


I have no idea how the girls managed a snowman this big, but I’m extremely impressed! Her name is Pricilla, by the way.


I decided to get a little warmer on Saturday, so I went over to Ember for an inversion workshop with Carson Clay Calhoun.  Blown away.  If you have this picture in your mind that people that do yoga are just breathing, meditating, chanting ‘OM’ and trying to touch their toes, may you expand your mind.  I have known many strong people in my life, but lately I have been in the company of some of the strongest.  You know what’s really amazing?  What I’ve found is that these yogis have the perfect mixture of physical strength, mental strength and peace.  Mental strength – I’ve done my work on that over the years.  I’d say I’ve become mentally strong, having learned from a wonderful expert of a teacher and coach.  But to finally be able to combine this with peace has been freeing. Yogis have peace because they know who they are.  I’m getting there too.  And physical strength?  Well, Rome wasn’t built in a day.  

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