“I was blind, but now I see.”  John 9:25

Have you ever been in a situation where all of a sudden, God allowed your eyes to be opened wide?  And then you were just FLOODED by truth?  

This has happened to me recently.  God has allowed me to SEE things that I was unable to see before.   Not only that, ever since these promptings have come to my heart, the confirmations have begun appearing all around.  I have heard from people out of the blue that feel the need to pray for me.  I am prompted to have conversations with people who are also feeling the same things.  It can’t be ignored.  The truth.  God is so amazing, guys. 

I had the pleasure this past weekend of listening to a wonderful spiritual and business mentor, Kathrine Lee, at a leadership training.  Kathrine talked about listening to that still, quiet voice.  Listening to God.  How many of us are too busy talking that we never sit and listen?  We are SO wrapped up in our goal, in our journey, in our tasks for the day, that we don’t take the time.  

I have to wonder if maybe He was warning me about certain things all along and I wasn’t listening.  Or maybe I just needed to walk this path and learn at every step and when I was ready for the truth, He was there to present it.

I urge you all to take time to listen to the promptings on your heart.  Pay attention. 

I’ve realized that I put my security & my identity in the wrong place for many years.  

One thing I’ve learned is this:

“The true character of a man is not defined by what he does in front of a crowd, but what he does when no one else is around.”

I feel so blessed to have an amazingly supportive husband, awesome friends and leaders around me that help me every day to become a better version of me – a better wife, a better mom, a better friend, a better business leader, and even a better yogi.  I also feel blessed by the support of my readers, who have been open to my journey, even if you can’t understand it all.  Hey, I don’t understand it all.  But I know when I’m prompted to speak that God has someone in mind that needs to hear what’s on my heart.  And HE is using me to spread this message. 

Peace and love.

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