Lost in Motherhood

I truly believe that the ultimate career is motherhood.  We dream as little girls about all of those cute babies, bows, blankies & bottles.  We plan out how many of them we want to have and even go as far as naming them.  Truly… Raising a child is such a gift and such great work!

And there we find ourselves in our 20’s & 30’s with one or two or three or even four or five (believe it or not, this is pretty normal here in the South).  We find ourselves lost in a world of laundry and feedings and a lot of poop and spit up.  We don’t sleep much.  Many days we have no idea how we will survive to the next.  Sometimes it just all blurs together. Throw in some Postpartum Depression and add a little Zoloft to make things better.  It’s just the truth.  Surviving, right?

Ok, but let’s not forget the baby giggles and smiles and the warm cuddles of that sleeping baby on your chest.  The peace that just overwhelms you when you look down at that little one in your arms. The first steps. The first words.  Knowing that God gave YOU to ME.  How could this be?    

Motherhood is quite an interesting journey, isn’t it?  As time goes on and we all grow up, Mommy included, things do get better.  We start to breathe & sleep. We go out with friends, make play dates and even begin to look at and talk to our husbands again!

I promise you that I wouldn’t trade one day of the experience.  One day of the tears, the falls, the sicknesses.  One day of the laughs, the smiles, the achievements.  Not one day. I’m grateful for it all.

But I’ll be honest about something that baffles me.  Why in this process of motherhood, do we lose ourselves?  Why do we forget to live and forget to dream?  I have had so many conversations over the last few years with Moms who don’t have dreams or passions. Their kids are their dreams.  They can’t see beyond it all, even as the babies grow to toddlers, elementary age and beyond.  And it makes me sad.

I believe we have so much to teach our children, but Moms, it begins with us!  How can our children learn to dream themselves when they don’t see their Moms doing that?  

Moms, we are doing good work, but we can do better work if we begin to be an example. Let’s become women that are passionate about something.  Let’s show our kids what it looks like to take care of ourselves! This doesn’t mean go back out into the workforce if you’ve been at home for years raising your family.  This could mean anything – health, fitness, church, a cause.  What are you passionate about?  It’s time to wake up and start living!

I believe we are doing our kids a great disservice by not being an example of how to live bold and passionate lives.  God gives us all passions beyond motherhood.  Let’s use those to teach our kids that they can live bold lives too, for His glory!  

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