I’m sick and tired of the six letter word.

For the past seven years, I’ve considered myself a ‘Mom on a Mission’.  I first learned about a life changing product called Juice Plus+ back in 2009.  I was searching for something to take, as I began my own health journey.  Different paths and questions all converged into one answer:  Juice Plus+.  It was as easy as this, it made sense.  I knew my family did not eat enough fruits and vegetables, so this could definitely help.  And it did. As the months passed, changes occurred within our family.  The first thing that we noticed was that we weren’t tired anymore! What? You mean the right foods in your bloodstream could give you energy?  Over the first year, we noticed many changes in our family that we still notice today.  Let me sum them up for you:  more energy, less illness and infection, quicker recovery when ill, decrease in allergy symptoms, better food choices.  Our family changed.  I noticed bigger things. My LDL cholesterol decreased, as HDL increased – and this has been across the board in my entire family.  My husband’s stomach and heartburn issues became non-existent.  My vision has IMPROVED (that really stumps an eye doctor). My gum health has IMPROVED.  A heart arrhythmia condition that I had, no longer appears on my routine EKG’s.  ‘We see no sign of this, are you sure you had it?’  Um, yes.

But here’s something we never talk about.  That terrible, ugly six-letter word.  The one we all dread, the one that makes us cringe when we hear it.  The one that brings us to tears and down on our knees.  You know the word.  But you know what?  Not many people think about that word until they actually hear it spoken.  No one thinks it will happen to them, until it does.  Not many people think about what they are putting in and on their bodies that may actually prevent and not cause it to occur.  It just seems that people would rather ignore the possibility than think about solutions.  

My story is that I watched my Aunt Debbie pass away from Multiple Myeloma in her early 40’s.  She had two bouts with the disease, the second took her life.  She was an active, healthy, lovely, beautiful and kind woman.  She loved playing tennis and walking her dog. She loved her two children.  The ugly word took her from us.


My maternal grandfather is one of 13 siblings.  Almost every one of his female siblings had it and many were taken because of it, as was his mother.


This is my Pappy (seated in the center) with 9 of his 11 siblings.

It’s in my genes, folks.  Likely, it’s in yours too.

So here I look at these pretty red, purple and green capsules.  They contain powders that contain powerful antioxidants that go directly into the bloodstream.  Powerful antioxidants that stop the growth of bad cells.  Kill them.  Fight them.  We all have the cells.  But what are we doing to stop their multiplication?


You see, you may not choose to think about it.  Just pretend like it won’t happen.  It may not.  And I’m not saying that swallowing these capsules every day means it won’t happen. But what I do know (because it has been researched numerous times) is that it’s doing good things in my body to prevent it from happening. Do I have a number? 10% less chance, 25% less chance, 75% less chance of it occurring?  Here’s what I know, a 0.1% less chance of it occurring is more than enough for me.  And I think it’s safe to say, without making claims, that it’s well more than that.

Yes, my eyesight improving is great.  Energy during the day is great.  Less virus and infection is great.  But the greatest benefit, the one that fuels my passion, is what I CAN NOT FEEL.  

My friends, far and wide, know my passion around this product.  Those that know me well, know that it’s because I truly care about keeping anyone I know healthy. Because we are NOT perfect people.  We eat terribly.  We don’t exercise as much as we should.  We don’t get enough sleep.  We are stressed.  We may have perfect days, weeks or months.  But it’s not every day, week or month.  But guess what, I swallow 6-12 capsules every day, week, month and year.  I don’t skip a day, like I may skip that salad or that workout or that night’s sleep.

Why don’t we care more about taking care of ourselves?  This keeps me up at night, folks! Over the past 7 years, I’ve had to learn how to accept the fact that many people just don’t want to face this.  They don’t want a solution. They aren’t open to hearing or learning or trying to understand.  They analyze, dissect and question the simplicity.  It’s one of those things that is so simple, that people want to complicate it.  Perhaps they see me as a ‘sales person’, out for myself, in one of ‘those’ types of businesses.  And I’ve had to grow strong, pray, and fight on.  Because yes, I am a sales person.  I am in one of those businesses.  And many don’t understand the beauty of all of that, which is a story for another day.

I will leave you with this.  I’m writing this today because I am tired of hearing that word. You probably are too.  I am tired of people not caring.  Maybe you are too.  I am tired of people not taking their health into their own hands, as our health care system (if you can even call it that) in the United States is an absolute mess.  

I don’t want to join another group on Facebook of another young mom fighting for her life. I don’t want to hear another story about another 12 year old girl passing away far too soon after a fight no 12 year old should never have to make.  

It’s time for solutions.  It’s time for prevention.  And if you’re suffering with ANYTHING, it’s time for healing.  God gave us foods to heal us.  We don’t eat enough of them.  But we have access and we have this simple solution that comes in capsules.  And because I’ve seen it with literally hundreds of people, and I’ve read the research and I’ve listened to the Doctors, they heal.

I hope this story somehow resonates with you.  I’d be open to discussion with absolutely anyone that would be open to listening or learning.  That’s my only goal. I am not a Doctor or a medical professional, but I know that my Company has hundreds of the best Doctors from around the world backing the product and the research that I represent.  I don’t understand it all, but I know there are people that do.  And I trust them.  I ask that you trust me.  

2014-05-31 08.41.17.jpg

Me and my daughter with Dr. Bill Sears, America’s Pediatrician (www.askdrsears.com)

It’s time to take your health into your hands.  If you’re looking for a sign, THIS IS IT.

Don’t let that word hit you like a ton of bricks, when you have a shot at stopping it before you have to fight it.

Here’s to good health,

Your Mom on a Mission

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#FortyandGolden Friendships

I’ve thought a lot in the last few days so I thought I would blog.  Turning 40 brings out all kinds of emotions!  Another chapter ends, but another decade begins. I think this is the absolute best time in my life for various reasons.  I’m so excited about the future!!

The one thing that stood out to me this week, above all else… FRIENDSHIP.  

I’ve spent my life building relationships.  My Nana taught me from a young age that no one is a stranger.  She lived her life as that example.  I realize how that must have stuck with me as one of the biggest lessons that have carried me through my life.  Making friends.  Building relationships.

Some friends come for a season and some for a reason.  Some stay forever and some just touch your life for a short time. If you’re anything like me, though, you’ve struggled with friendship.  There are those seasons where you just feel like you don’t fit in.  There are the times you were a part of the clique, and times you vowed to never enter one again.  The times where you just prayed, ‘God, why can’t I have that ONE best friend?’  Aren’t we always searching (or am I the only one)?

Then last week happened.  And it was a gentle reminder from God that life is so much more fulfilling with a multitude of friends.  I don’t just need one.  I need all of you.  My friends I grew up with, my high school and college friends, my work friends, my Pennsylvania friends, my Georgia friends, my small group friends, my church friends, my yoga friends and my family friends.  Each and every one of you have given me something different that has made me a better wife, a better mom and a better person.  One friend can’t do that.  But many can.

When I think about what lessons I’d like to pass along to my daughter, this is a huge one. If you build deep relationships with many people, life is truly full. 

Nana is looking down on all of this and nodding her head.  “Smile at everyone.”  “Always say hello.” It goes deeper, though.  When you find those people that you just love to be around, be a friend.  Stay secure in who you are.  Of course there will be people that don’t get you, don’t like you, don’t want to stay in your circle.  That’s ok!  Be confident enough in yourself and be secure enough in your relationship with God to trust that the right people will stay.  People want to be surrounded by happy, positive, confident, loving people.  Insecurities scream loud and push people away.  So be you and just own it!  I’ve made mistakes, a lot of them I’ve owned up to, especially in recent months.  I sat at my birthday dinner the other night and my one friend remarked how we hadn’t spoken in recent years and how good it was to just be in this place of deep friendship again.  Why? Because we said we were sorry and we got over it.  And thank GOD for that because I’ve laughed more with her in the past months than I have in a long time.  So if you need to say you’re sorry, just do it.  Just get over it!  This life is too short to not fill it with as many friends as possible.

There you have it. That’s my lesson.

Thank you for the memories this week, my friends (and family too).  Here are some of my favorite moments from the week.  And cheers to #fortyandgolden!



Our new Golden, Walker


A Towne Lake/Eagle Watch 40!