#FortyandGolden Friendships

I’ve thought a lot in the last few days so I thought I would blog.  Turning 40 brings out all kinds of emotions!  Another chapter ends, but another decade begins. I think this is the absolute best time in my life for various reasons.  I’m so excited about the future!!

The one thing that stood out to me this week, above all else… FRIENDSHIP.  

I’ve spent my life building relationships.  My Nana taught me from a young age that no one is a stranger.  She lived her life as that example.  I realize how that must have stuck with me as one of the biggest lessons that have carried me through my life.  Making friends.  Building relationships.

Some friends come for a season and some for a reason.  Some stay forever and some just touch your life for a short time. If you’re anything like me, though, you’ve struggled with friendship.  There are those seasons where you just feel like you don’t fit in.  There are the times you were a part of the clique, and times you vowed to never enter one again.  The times where you just prayed, ‘God, why can’t I have that ONE best friend?’  Aren’t we always searching (or am I the only one)?

Then last week happened.  And it was a gentle reminder from God that life is so much more fulfilling with a multitude of friends.  I don’t just need one.  I need all of you.  My friends I grew up with, my high school and college friends, my work friends, my Pennsylvania friends, my Georgia friends, my small group friends, my church friends, my yoga friends and my family friends.  Each and every one of you have given me something different that has made me a better wife, a better mom and a better person.  One friend can’t do that.  But many can.

When I think about what lessons I’d like to pass along to my daughter, this is a huge one. If you build deep relationships with many people, life is truly full. 

Nana is looking down on all of this and nodding her head.  “Smile at everyone.”  “Always say hello.” It goes deeper, though.  When you find those people that you just love to be around, be a friend.  Stay secure in who you are.  Of course there will be people that don’t get you, don’t like you, don’t want to stay in your circle.  That’s ok!  Be confident enough in yourself and be secure enough in your relationship with God to trust that the right people will stay.  People want to be surrounded by happy, positive, confident, loving people.  Insecurities scream loud and push people away.  So be you and just own it!  I’ve made mistakes, a lot of them I’ve owned up to, especially in recent months.  I sat at my birthday dinner the other night and my one friend remarked how we hadn’t spoken in recent years and how good it was to just be in this place of deep friendship again.  Why? Because we said we were sorry and we got over it.  And thank GOD for that because I’ve laughed more with her in the past months than I have in a long time.  So if you need to say you’re sorry, just do it.  Just get over it!  This life is too short to not fill it with as many friends as possible.

There you have it. That’s my lesson.

Thank you for the memories this week, my friends (and family too).  Here are some of my favorite moments from the week.  And cheers to #fortyandgolden!



Our new Golden, Walker


A Towne Lake/Eagle Watch 40!


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